What benefits will you give to NCC cadets after passing ‘C’ certificate examination?” – On 24th March an NCC cadet & young girl asked this question to Rahul Gandhi, this happened during one of his interactions with students in Karantaka election campaign.

Rahul Gandhi surprised everyone with his answer “I don’t know the details of NCC training & that type of stuff, so I won’t be able to answer that question”.

That statement stirred a debate about Rahul’s knowledge & his understanding of subject. NCC has played important role in nation building, During Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 & Bangladesh-Pakistani war of 1971, NCC cadets were second line of defence. They organized camp to assist ordnance factories, supplying arms and ammunition to the front and also were used as patrol parties to capture enemy paratroopers. The NCC cadets also worked hand in hand with the Civil defense authorities and actively took part in rescue works and traffic control.

NCC is omnipresent in every school & college, every person who did his schooling in India knows about NCC, and to add to the ‘insult’ he casually denigrate its contribution clubbing it with “that type of stuff” comment.

While, he confidently claim to know nuance of complex issues like MMRCA Rafale Deals & Privacy/Security of UIADI Aadhar data, it is day to day subject & awareness that he has lacked which makes him matter of ridicule.

On Twitter, I started a series with #ThingsRahulGandhiDontKnow & soon twitterati joined in to crowd source and add to the list, here is the comprehensive list of things, that Rahul Gandhi Don’t know.

  1. Pronounce Vishveshwarya
  2. Potato is produced in Field & not in Factory.
  3. Bhrashtachar & Balatkaar isn’t same thing.
  4. Steve Jobs was in Apple & not in Microsoft.
  5. Marshal of IAF ≠ Air Marshal.
  6. Milk comes from cows & Not from Women of Gujarat.
  7. Coconut provides water & Not Juice.
  8. There can’t be 10 out of 7.
  9. India is not the Saudi Arabia of 21st century.
  10. India is not beehive.
  11. Gujarat is not bigger than the UK.
  12. India isn’t bigger than ‘Europe & the US combined’.
  13. You can’t wake up in morning at night.
  14. NCC & “Like Stuff”.
  15. There can’t be a “Sawal of a Jawab”.
  16. Pronounce Siddaramaiah.
  17. Mahabharata didn’t happen 1000 years ago.
  18. Poverty is not state of mind… it is real thing, people die of poverty.
  19. Ladies toilet is not for men.
  20. You can’t connect MRI machines together.
  21. There aren’t many cities in Bangalore; it’s just one single city.
  22. Mahatma Gandhi was not an NRI
  23. There can’t be 6000 crore jobs in in a single state like Gujarat
  24. Product made in Lucknow will still have ‘Made in India’ sticker, not ‘Made in Lucknow.

While to err is human, Rahul Gandhi is not a normal, run of the mill human being, he is scion of Gandhi Dynasty and a Large number of Journalist & Liberals project him to be INC & opposition candidate for PM post in upcoming 2019 general elections. This ever growing list of things he does not know makes one wonder that he/people should rather make realistic expectation about his ability to even handle lesser responsibility than dream for PM post.

Link: NCC Role in 1965 war 


  1. Raoul is omni ignorant but as regards NCC he must be commended on his honesty. He never went to School or College to participate in NCC and desisted from making an ass of himself on this occasion BUT those who have been NCC cadets like Modi or Sushma do not know what to do with ‘C’ Certificate pass out either. In my days, A Certificate part 1 was competency for Section Command, Part 2 for Platoon Command as was Senior Division ‘B’ Certificate and ‘C’ Certificate was competency for Company Command (in Infantry. I do not know about other arms)


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