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You are now watching Galibs Vision, rated no 1 in the Village of Pipariya.

Our news agency brings you the best news, first. If presenting best news first was music, We would have been Beethoven. Also we work hard for your news even when there’s nothing to serve. From the megakitchen studio of GV news, we cook up find some amazing, interesting gossips issues which are passed on as news. No Fact Check Required™.

And don’t worry, you can totally rely on our masterpiece reportages, as we totally back them by bigotries, infact we claim hagemony over it. We also provide some outstanding reporters who have had an exemplary experiences in handcrafting delicate but solid reportage.

You can give our news links to your friends in a factual discussion like a boss.

Like recently our staff Benu cooked up an amazing piece on Super Shahs son which was based on just a balance sheet. Benu smartly found profit in a balance sheet showing loses. Turn over is profit™.

We also attacked Super Doval’s son’s affiliation with a think tank and found issues in what once consider absolutely legal practice. One of our reporter Kana Curly even wrote a whole book on a chaiwala like how he orchestrated a riot and even though supreme court found him to be on the side of truth, she found and cooked worked on the allegation in our GV news kitchen studios even though we had our favorite rulers at that time.

Our correspodent Baldy also travelled in a caravan to stir up a conspiracy theory over the man who died like 12 years back. Not only he successfully established a conspiracy theory but also added some big ass corruption money offered to the deceased. All though some fringe cooks reporters at the Indian Passenger debunked it with facts and tried to malign our agency, but then, you win some and you lose some.

सिर्फ हंगामा खड़ा करना मकसद नही है हमारा

दिल से चाहते हैं फसाद में सब बर्बाद हो तुम्हारा

We will soon be back with more crap factual reportages to blow your mind

PS : We are a News Agency ,We Don’t lie 😉™

Writer : Mircha Galib @mirchagalib


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