The factory of lies and conspiracies is working furiously again. Months after unsuccessfully trying to damage BJP by leveling false allegations against party chief Amit Shah over his son’s legitimate business, a website that acts as the propaganda ministry for Congress and Left is again trying to spin a “scam” when none exists. Their latest effort is to target finance minister Arun Jaitley by inventing an impropriety in absconding diamond trader Mehul Choksi’s attempt to engage the legal firm of his daughter and son-in-law.

Jaitley and Bakshi, the legal firm, which has been in business for 10 years, was engaged by Choksi’s Geetanjali Gems Limited in December 2017, for handling the disputes they are having with regard to their showrooms. The retainership lasted for just over a month before Jaitley and Bakshi decided to terminate the arrangement immediately after the Choksi scam came out in the open. They also returned the retainership fee that was given to them through electronic transfer.

During the period they were engaged by Choksi, they did not handle any case nor did they offer any legal advice. But this has not deterred proxies of Congress and the Left establishment to whip up a false controversy. The timing of the plot is significant. It comes at a time when one of their mentors, P Chidambaram is under scanner for having helped his son extort bribes for arranging foreign investment permits during his stewardship of the finance ministry.

Chidambaram is also in the dock for providing benefits under the 80:20 gold import scheme to Choksi’s Geetanjali Gems and six other firms on May 16, 2014 – hours after the Manmohan Singh government was voted out.

However, this will never attract the attention of the website which has cast itself as the nation’s whistle blower. It has also not bothered to carry a single report highlighting the partnership that public sector MMTC inked with Mehul Choksi in 2009. Not surprising that they have blanked out all the details that CBI has submitted in court on how Karti Chidambaram was arm-twisting businessmen to cough up money for his companies.

Their last misinformation enterprise which was timed to hurt BJP in the Gujarat polls boomeranged spectacularly with BJP winning 50 per cent of the votes. Clearly, this has not deterred them from trying afresh. Can the result of their fresh endeavor be any different?

Author : Ankur Singh

Disclaimer: The story is based on the information received by the Author from various sources.


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