There is no doubt that JNU is one of the best institutions of India, thanks to huge funding done by UGC. Science departments apply for patents on regular basis. Foreign languages students get jobs around the world and create a strong Indian diaspora.

But JNU does attract a lot of free loaders as well. This is mostly because of the highly subsidized hostel and mess facility.

Even to sleep on the footpath of Delhi, you may have to pay more than 10 rupees per day to some local Gunda who collects rent for the footpath. Whereas JNU provides one room of 14×8 feet which is shared by two students, a common TV Hall, A Mess, A sports hall for playing games and reading newspapers, a Gym and a common bathroom area for each floor for 10 rupees per month. This subsidy does allow students coming from farthest corners of India to get out of the poverty their families have seen and those students study hard and bag well paid jobs around the world. Once you get enrolled in Ph.D. programs, you get your own personal room where as you have to share the room with another student till M.Phil. program.

So far so good, but the problem arises when free loaders who have no ambition in life, act as parasites and keep exploiting the JNU system. The comfort zone that the university provides to students is so tempting that many students get used to it and try hard not to get out of the university. They keep applying for silly courses just to maintain the hostel. The same loophole is also exploited by UPSC Aspirants as they enroll in various courses and stay in hostel, use Library of JNU which is an 8-floor building and enjoy the meal which has no subsidy but it runs on no profit no loss basis.

JNU Admissions happen on the basis of competitive exams and it is not easy at all to get through. But there is one loophole that JNU professors have maintained. For exams in foreign languages or science departments, you can’t plant questions glorifying Marx and that’s why any student of any ideology can join JNU in these streams. But the moment, you appear for exams of Hindi, Social Sciences or such subjects where you have to write exhaustive answers in which examiners who are JNU professors themselves can sense your ideological learning, there are fair chances of your rejection.

Even if you are a right winger who knows how to write balanced answers, you may get in MA program because no interview is conducted for MA or BA level programs. But the same student who did his MA will apply for M.Phil. program and there is the interview panel sitting in front of you. The panel which is full of communist professors is going to decide your future. And the score you get in your interview will decide if you will continue in JNU or not. Most of the Right wingers change their M.Phil. subject and look for departments where the panel is balanced and not going to reject them because of their political leanings.

Explaining the admission system is important to understand why JNU students are seen in those Halla Bol processions and how they get brainwashed. Actually, they don’t get brainwashed but they realize that towing anti-left line will spoil their career. And when professors declare day off so that students can join processions to the parliament, students make sure to be present in those processions to be in the good books of professors. This is how academia is rotten.

Imagine the situation when UGC makes sure that you need to have a Ph.D. to become a professor and JNU professors and their planted professors in other Universities allow only those students to complete their Ph.D. who tow leftist line. What are the options left to the students who have chosen academics as their career path.

This explains the reasons behind the rot that we see on TV. These methods explain how the Mafia operates causes its symptoms. Students keep enjoying the comfort zone of JNU subsidy and beautiful environment only by being present in processions. They keep bagging posts of professorship and keep getting promoted. But this vicious cycle is such that students have to be loyal to the academic mafias forever. You can become a professor by towing left line and in case you decide to dump left, you have no chance to become the Head of the department or you won’t get funds for your seminars and many such things can happen to punish you. Or in worst case, a bunch of leftist girls can be coaxed into claiming that you sexually harassed them and the ecosystem will destroy you for ditching the left. Such lynching of those professors who decide to stop pretending to be leftists also ensures that no further rebellion happens. And in case you are a leftist and you rape a girl, the whole leftist cabal will ensure your protection.

The symptoms of this Mafia system are that students lead a lazy life which gets topped with Ganja. A student becomes a good communist when his course is finished and he still lives on the campus as a PIG (permanent illegal guest) and starts sneaking into hotel mess to steal dinner and starts digging into dustbins for half burnt cigarettes. He becomes a good communist when he takes bath only if he gets stuck in rain. She becomes a good communist when she keeps going for abortion as communists can advocate commune sex but they can’t father a child with responsibility. She becomes a good communist when she starts defending communist molesters and convinces molested women to hush up for her good.

Our youth is getting spoiled not because they choose to. It is because the Mafia decides their career path. Break the mafia and you will stop seeing Students shouting aazadi slogans under effect of weed.

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