Africa – A hidden treasure for India

Africa is the most important destination for 4-5 decades at least. As apart from agri products which we can produce by buying land in Africa, and mineral resources which are little difficult to get as Europe is already exploiting it and they won’t let anyone break the hegemony. But we can learn from China, what they learnt, they ensured energy security by controlling petroleum exploration in Angola, Djibouti and few other countries. If you see the location of Djibouti on map, china has an army base there and it can be used to neutralize any thread to Chinese export industry. India can also create such bases to counter Chinese attack in case there is a war between China and India. Right now, China can use its army to menace and out export at any time in need arises.
> Second the the export itself. While west is importing from us why fine quality material which needs proper experience of workers, we can have a huge export potential of goods which are not very good quality wise but they are cheaper and they can eat into the Chinese hegemony. While China keeps getting rich by exporting goods, every dollar that we earn shall be a dent to its economy and it shall help balance the power. The same thing is possible for construction projects, rail contracts, infrastructure sector in Africa is full of china mow because of their cheaper rates where as quality of construction is still not good. So Africans have only two options to choose. One is high quality job but quite costly by western companies or another bad quality but cheaper option. Indian companies fall in between and they can easily grab a huge market share. In agri products, i was discussing in a meet and this idea came that why not India outsources all its sugarcane farming which is leading to drought like situation to Africa by buying land in many countries and it would be cheaper to do farming as water is plenty in central west Africa and it rains almost 8-9 months. Plus land is so fertile that there won’t be requirement of fertilizers. That money can be used to transport it back to India. This way, we can create a huge diaspora and direct involvement of many countries. It can be leveraged at all time to get support of these countries in international forums. Another benefit is that once interactions increase, India can become a prime tourist attraction for elite Africans who go to Dubai, China, Singapore, Hong Kong but they are still doubtful about India. Indian colleges can get a lot of foreign income by attracting African students to India as it is already happening but the number can grow manyfold. This shall also help counter the prejudices that Indians keep about Africans because of zero expose. 99 percent has never met a defect African man or woman. India can also build ports in strategic locations in Africa which can be later used to support our export industry. Deference is one sector that we totally ignore. As India is increasing the investments in  defense manufacturing, we can become a big arms seller to African nations,any of them keep symbolic army and they shall prefer Tejas over Rafael as it would be much cheaper. China already sales arms. Recently I went to a Gabonese army base to see old tanks for metal scrap and all of the equipment were from China. If China can do it, we can do it better. Chinese have huge language barrier. We don’t have that problem. There is one way it is possible and interests me that is planting Indian officers who remain undercover and help create a syndicate of Indian companies in every African country. It should be such that any new Indian company should never be on its own and mutual growth is promoted. If you google ‘ Sam Pa financial express(try times also)’ you shall find an interesting link about a man called sam pa and how he pushed China in Africa. We can create our own Sam Pa. Africa is hungry for growth, west doesn’t want it to grow, china is only interested in its self interest. In such situation, India can be a nation which can push for mutual growth and gain confidence of african nations. Even today, Indians get mo

re respect than Chinese. For example, in Senegal, they don’t even allow a Chinese to enter govt offices after the stadium they built was a huge disaster because of construction flaws, but Indians are well received. Indian companies and individuals have grown many fold without govt support where as Chinese do so by huge state support.,so if indian state gets involved, we shall bypass china. Africa shall be the playground where india and china have to challenge each other. We have started late but still we can grow fast.

Writer : Navneet @navfrn


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